What Lasers Can Do to Help Troubled Gums

Good oral health is about more than just your teeth. It also includes the health of your gums. When you have problems with your gums, it will not only affect your teeth, but it will also affect your overall health. One of the tools that we have to help with gum issues is lasers. There are a few ways that we can turn to lasers to help with problems with your gums.

The Issue Of Gum Disease

When talking about your oral health, you may focus on the health of your teeth. You may not always think about the importance of gum health. Gum disease is a serious problem that you cannot ignore. Gum disease results from the buildup of bacteria on the gums. There are different stages of gum disease that range from gingivitis to severe gum disease.

The treatment for the gum disease depends on the stage that it is in. Options for treatment can include a professional cleaning and improving oral hygiene habits to root scaling and planning to creating flaps int eh gums to help remove the bacteria.

Turning To Lasers For Treatment

The problem with many of the forms of treatment for gum disease is they are not always easy and can require a lot of work in our office. Lasers offer a chance for people suffering from gum disease to get a less invasive form of treatment.

Lasers can help reach and vaporize gum tissue at the root of the teeth. Removing the diseased gum tissue can help prevent the disease from spreading. Lasers offer several benefits over traditional treatment methods. They do not require anesthesia and they can help control any bleeding. It is possible to target specific areas with the lasers and it does not take as long to recover from the procedure.

Lasers are just another tool we offer to maintain your oral health. As technology keeps improving, the use of lasers will continue to offer many benefits.

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