Nearly 40 million American adults are missing all of their teeth, making the need for an attractive dental restoration at an all-time high. Dentures remain a popular choice for those who are edentulous – people who are without all of their teeth – and for a good reason.

Easy, safe, and non-invasive, dentures are reliable and durable and can last close to a decade if treated properly. They can also provide patients with fast results when they are looking to replace their teeth in just a short amount of time. We here at Cane Bay Family Dentistry meet many patients in our exam chair who are curious about learning more about dentures, and we love seeing their bright and happy smiles once we transform them with attractive dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a type of prosthetic dental restoration that can replace an entire arch of teeth. That means that if you are missing your entire upper or lower teeth, you may be a good candidate for dentures.

Unlike the dentures of our grandparent’s generation, today’s dentures are much more attractive and natural looking. The acrylic trays can be dyed to match your gums, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your smile. The dentures themselves are much more attractive, too, instead of the blocky “chicklet” type dentures that some of us may have seen in the past.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dentures?

Dentures have a bad reputation, and that simply is not fair. The fact is, dentures can be greatly helpful, allowing you to regain function of your mouth. While some people may worry that dentures may pop out unexpectedly, leading to surprise embarrassment, a pair of well-fitting dentures may not even need denture adhesive. The risk of them becoming dislodged or making clicking noises in your mouth can be minimized with a secure fit.

There are many benefits to getting dentures. Not only can they immediately help the appearance of your smile, greatly improving your confidence, they can also help improve the appearance of your face. When you lose teeth, your gums may start to shrink. This can detract from your facial structure, but dentures can return that support to your face by lending their structure to it. Without teeth in your mouth to keep your cheeks full and healthy-looking, you may start to appear prematurely aged. Your face may start to droop or sag. Dentures can prevent this from happening.

Dentures can also greatly improve your quality of life, as well. Dentures can also make it easier to speak and enunciate clearly. They can help make it easier to eat, too, improving your diet and your general health. Dentures are also easy to keep clean. It is considered a very conservative treatment option for people who are missing teeth, making it an excellent choice for many of our patients.

Dentures are a great restoration option for many of our patients. If you are interested in learning more about dentures, or you are ready to set up an appointment with us here at Cane Bay Family Dentistry for a consultation for them, please give us a call today at (843) 352-4454.


Our patients have wonderful things to say about the care they received from our practice:

Debra Orsini
Debra Orsini
18. March, 2021.
What a great experience! My hygienist Angel was great. Everything was top notch! Highly recommended
Michael Whittington
Michael Whittington
12. March, 2021.
Everyone I encountered was very nice and pleasant. Very knowledgeable as well.
Judyanne Mccurry
Judyanne Mccurry
11. March, 2021.
Everyone is so nice and very good at explaining everything. Teresa cleaned my teeth and was so gentle I never felt any pain. I go see Dr. Madison tomorrow to have an infected tooth extracted. I feel certain everything will be fine after meeting her today.
Thomas Sansone
Thomas Sansone
1. March, 2021.
Very friendly people and no long waits
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