Teeth Whitening

Your smile is arguably the most beautiful thing you can wear, but if you find that the appearance of your teeth has been marred by the presence of unsightly stains and discolorations, you may find yourself hiding your smile more often than you reveal it. Caused by a variety of different factors, such as diet or lifestyle choices, unattractive stains can certainly deal a strong blow against your self-confidence.

If you find that your smile is not as bright as you would like it to be, a professional tooth whitening with us here at Cane Bay Family Dentistry can help greatly improve both the appearance of your teeth and your self-esteem.

Dangers Of Over-The-Counter Whitening Kits

We strongly advise against generic dental whitening kits that you may find in a big box store.

In many cases, they are unregulated and can be quite harmful to you. Often, the ingredients in store-bought teeth whitening kits are weak and may not even whiten your teeth effectively. They can be dangerous, too, and lead to lasting tooth sensitivity, damage to your enamel, and damage to your gums. Many people tend to overuse these kits, too, while trying to get their desired results. This can lead to lasting damage to your teeth.

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened With Us

Getting your teeth professionally whitened with us is a fantastic way to restore the appearance of teeth that have been stained or discolored due to a variety of factors. Common things that can lead to discolored teeth can be red wine, coffee, and tobacco products. A professional whitening at our office can greatly improve the appearance of your stained teeth.

You can be confident that we only use safe, professional grade products in our office when we whiten your teeth. We are also very cautious to ensure that your teeth and gums are not harmed during the entire process. Furthermore, you can choose the color you want to get from your whitening instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, which is common with generic whitening kits.

A professional tooth whitening can deliver you with noticeable, attractive, and long-lasting results. They are more effective, too, which means that you can get the results you desire in a shorter amount of time. Getting your teeth whitened with us can help treat teeth that have stubborn stains on them, and for many patients, the results can last up to a year or longer.

Your smile says so many things about you and can reveal your personality and your character in a spontaneous instant. Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth and your smile can take a toll on your self-esteem. By professionally whitening your teeth, you are giving yourself the ability to smile again with happiness and confidence.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Appointment Now

A professional tooth whitening can be one of the best things you can do for your smile. If you are interested in learning more about professional tooth whitening with us here at Cane Bay Family Dentistry, or you are ready to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call today at (843) 352-4454!


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