Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are versatile dental restorations that serve many different purposes. In many cases, they can help prevent a tooth from being extracted, allowing it to remain in your mouth. They are also known as caps, and for a good reason – they can cover (or cap) a tooth that has been severely damaged by tooth decay, sustained a serious injury or may be at risk of being lost due to an infection in your dental pulp.

They can also help improve the appearance of teeth that have been chipped or worn down due to grinding or acid erosion or may have stains that do not seem to want to budge. When you need a durable and reliable restoration for your dental concerns, we here at Cane Bay Family Dentistry strongly believe a dental crown can help address many different dental issues that may otherwise be resistant to other treatment options.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a specific type of dental restoration that can help restore the size, shape, and function of a tooth. There are several reasons that a patient may require a porcelain dental crown. One common reason that they may be necessary is when a tooth has severe tooth decay that is far too advanced to be treated with a dental filling. Similarly, when a tooth has been injured by trauma to the mouth, a dental crown can help preserve it.

Another reason that a patient may require a dental crown may be because a tooth has been worn down by bruxism (tooth grinding) or acid erosion (such as what can be caused by gastric reflux). Some patients may choose to get a crown over a tooth that has been chipped or damaged and needs cosmetic repairs. A dental crown can also support various prosthetic restorations such as dental bridges or protect that tooth that has undergone root canal therapy. Some patients may use a dental crown over a dental implant, too.

Why Choose Porcelain Dental Crowns

We strongly advise that our patients get porcelain dental crowns when they are looking for a long lasting, durable, and attractive dental restoration. They look and feel just like real teeth and can be dyed to match your surrounding teeth. They also have similar transparency, just like your natural teeth.

Porcelain is also ideal for your visible front teeth. Some patients may use metal crowns on their back teeth or molars, as they are not as visible, but porcelain is a great choice for these teeth. As gums recede, due to age or other factors, the base of the crown may become visible. With porcelain, this is not a concern, as the base of it will resemble your natural tooth material. Another reason that we like to use porcelain in our dental crowns is that they contain no metal, which makes it safe and biocompatible for patients who do have metal allergies.

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