From Consultation to Completion: The Journey of Same-Day Dental Implants


Do you want a beautiful smile without undergoing months-long standard dental implant procedures?

If yes, same-day implants might be the right option for you!

Same-day implants have gained immense popularity amongst individuals looking for a quick replacement for lost teeth. This orthodontic appliance helps remodel your smile quickly, restoring your confidence within 24 hours.

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In this blog, we take a closer look at the journey involved in same-day dental implants via topics like: 

  • Same-Day Dental Implants – What Are They About?
  • Types of Same-Day Dental Implants You Should Know Of!
  • Steps Involved in Same-Day Dental Implants
  • Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants

Let’s understand more about the procedure in the following sections. 

Same-Day Dental Implants – What Are They About?

Same-day dental implants are a great option for individuals looking for a quick smile makeover! The procedure is simple, straightforward, and takes the least time. 

Instead of waiting weeks or months, these implants allow you to visit your dentist and leave with an enhanced smile in one visit.

Interestingly, most people who decide to undergo implant dentistry in Summerville, SC, are confused about their options. 

Traditional Vs. Same-Day Implant Process 

The primary difference between the two implant processes is that traditional implants need extended surgery. The process begins with extracting the problematic tooth, followed by a 3-4 month healing period for the socket. 

The implantation is followed by a 3-6 month waiting period. Finally, the crown is attached to the implant, completing the operation in 5-10 months.

However, things are different with same-day implants. The treatment involves nearly three visits: one for consultation, one for surgery, and a final follow-up.

The best part is that the implantation process may be completed in one visit. This means no more protracted waiting for things to heal. Before you know it, you’ll be showing off a new smile in record time.

Types of Same-Day Dental Implants You Should Know Of! 

Despite falling under the same category, not all dental implants are identical. The duration of your treatment and recovery will be primarily determined by the type of implant you get. 

Based on these factors, we have several types of same-day implants, including:

Single-Tooth Dental Implant

The single-tooth dental implant involves implanting a fake tooth, often a crown. The procedure involves implanting a tiny titanium device into your gums to serve as an artificial “root” to help hold the tooth.

Crowns are often composed of ceramic or porcelain. The orthodontist takes extra care to ensure the crown fits the rest of the teeth. This way, no one can differentiate between the artificial teeth and the others in the mouth.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

Under full-arch implants, your jaw is divided into many ‘arches.’ This procedure installs a full-arch dental implant if all or most teeth in a single arch must be replaced. 

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TeethXPress Dental Implants

TeethXPress implants share the same essential components as a single-tooth implant. However, the prosthesis resembles an entire arch of teeth. You will also get fewer titanium implants per tooth. 

What’s more? The titanium used in this implant will align with your jawbone. This is mainly because it takes time to cure the jaw. Temporary teeth will be provided at the visit. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures convert current dentures into implants by adding abutments to the bottom. The procedure involves abutments to secure the prosthesis to the titanium root. 

However, the procedure can sometimes take longer than others, as your permanent teeth take a little longer with dentures. This is because you may require special dentures for the implantation procedure. In any case, you’ll leave the office smiling your most confident smile.

Remember, every individual has a specific oral condition, and your dentist for dental implants, Summerville, SC, is the best person to suggest the appliance accordingly. They assist you in making informed decisions during your initial consultation.

Steps Involved in Same-Day Dental Implants

1. Initial Consultation

The first step is to set up an initial appointment with your dentist for an implant. During this session, they will assess your oral health and discuss your objectives and expectations. 

They will then run a standard test to determine whether you are a good candidate for a one-day dental implant. The procedure may also include X-rays or a CT scan to evaluate the health of your jawbone.

2. Treatment Planning

Once you qualify for a one-day implant, the dentist will design a treatment plan that suits your unique requirements. This plan specifies the number of implants, their position, and the design of the temporary crown.

3. Implant Placement

On the day of the treatment, the dentist will prescribe a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. They’ll gently insert the dental implant screw into the jawbone. This step entails making a tiny incision in the gum tissue, drilling a hole in the bone, and placing the implant. Once the implant is in place, a temporary crown is fitted to give instant functionality and aesthetics to your smile. 

4. Recovery and Integration

Once the implants are in place, your jaw will start healing quickly. At this stage, the implant merges with the surrounding bone tissue by a process known as osseointegration. This normally takes a few months, during which you must maintain ideal dental hygiene and avoid any activity that may place undue strain on the implant.

5. Permanent Crown Placement

After your implant has successfully fused with your jaw, you must make another appointment with the dentist. 

This step is necessary to replace the temporary with a permanent crown. In this process, the temporary crown is taken out, and the permanent crown, crafted to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, is affixed.

6. Follow-up Care

Schedule routine examinations and maintenance to ensure your dental implant lasts a lifetime. In addition to setting up follow-up appointments to check on your dental health, your dentist will provide comprehensive instructions on taking care of your implant.

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Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants

  • Reduced Treatment Time: One of the key advantages of same-day dental implants is the much shorter treatment duration. Traditional implant treatments might take months. However, same-day implants allow you to leave the dental office with a temporary tooth on the same day.
  • Immediate Functionality: Unlike conventional implants, which require a healing interval before attaching the ultimate restoration, you may eat and speak with your interim restoration immediately.
  • Less Disruption: Same-day dental implants require fewer dentist appointments and less time away from work, making them a more practical alternative for many patients.
  • Preservation of Bone and Gum Tissue: Implants help protect the bone and gum tissue surrounding the missing tooth, avoiding additional bone loss and retaining the natural appearance of your smile.
  • High Success Rate: Same-day dental implants have a high success rate and can produce long-term, functional results when placed by a qualified and experienced dentist.


  • Same-day implants have become popular amongst individuals looking for quick replacements for lost teeth. 
  • The first step is to set up an initial appointment with your dentist for an implant. 
  • After your implant has successfully fused with your jaw, you must make another appointment with the dentist. 
  • Still confused about your dental implant option? Visit our experts today at Cane Bay Family Dentistry to learn more.