Which is Worse for Your Teeth, Sugar Damage or Acid Damage?

Our teeth can be a source of great pride or great shame. When we smile and a set of pearly whites show, it’s a great feeling since you know that your teeth are beautiful.

However, if that isn’t the case, you will find that most people with teeth that don’t look so good rarely laugh or smile because they simply aren’t comfortable with their teeth. Two of the substances that affect our teeth most are sugar and acid; both of which are readily available to both children and adults.

It’s because of this that we identify how each substance affects the teeth and which one is worse than the other.

Acid Damage

One of the biggest concerns involves acids and how they affect our teeth. Acidic foods are available everywhere, from man-made foods to nature. In nature, we find that most acidic foods contain vitamin C. Although it is a necessary nutrient in the body, high acidity affects teeth in more ways one.

In a natural state of balance, the teeth than are always being broken down and rebuilt. With acidic foods, they help in the demineralization of the teeth over time. If the mouth’s environment stays acidic for too long, remineralization does not occur, which leaves permanent erosion of the teeth and causes discoloration.

Sugar Damage

The mouth is special. Certain bacteria live there and are native to this environment. However, some of these bacteria survive on sugar, which most people tend to consume on a daily basis. After they eat the sugar, it’s then converted into acid which burns the teeth over time and brings about cavities. These acids will then burrow into the heart of the tooth directly compromising the nerve, which will then cause a lot of pain and discomfort when consuming food and beverages.

To prevent these from happening, we recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice daily, drink plenty of water, keep up a balanced diet and keep away from highly sugary or acidic foods so that the integrity of the tooth isn’t damaged. What’s more, ensure that you keep your appointment with us so that we can always be aware of your teeth’s health and fix it when the need arises.