The Ultimate Questionnaire For A Successful Teeth Whitening

Having whiter, brighter teeth can increase your self-confidence and improve your smile. But how often have you been confused with the numerous teeth whitening options?

Relax, it’s normal. But unfortunately, over 80% of Americans undergo a similar dilemma! Worse, not having the correct information increases concerns about your dental health. So, some of the premier experts at teeth whitening, Summerville, SC, have come together for this blog. 

In the following sections, we discover the general questions surrounding teeth whitening. Let’s get started. 

How Do Teeth Whitening Procedures work?

There are several causes of tooth discoloration. Per an expert Summerville dentist, numerous elements include certain meals and beverages, cigarette usage, poor dental care, specific medicines, old age, injuries, genes, and natural features like high fluorine. 

One of the two bleaching agents—hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide—is used to whiten teeth. These whitening agents work by breaking up spots on the teeth, which results in much less saturated color and a cleaner look.

Is There Any Argument Not To Whiten Teeth?

Before or even in place of whitening, your dentist could diagnose the necessity for a specific procedure. For instance, whitening will only temporarily cover the reasons for certain types of discoloration, such as those brought on by infected teeth, cavities, and root canal issues. 

Usually, It won’t make small teeth or a mushy smile seem prettier since brighter teeth would draw attention to the mushy smile. Additionally, visible dental roots do not bleach; as a result, your effects won’t be optimal. Therefore, you might wish to consider additional aesthetic choices in each of these scenarios.

Who Should Whiten Their Teeth?

It is open to everyone. But before getting too pumped, you must be informed that every individual may experience outcomes differently. 

In other words, if your friend’s tooth is sparkling brilliantly, it’s possible that yours won’t make the same impact. So whether you see the same Summerville dentist or use the identical medication is irrelevant.

There is some human psychology involved in this. Some individuals’ teeth react better to medications. You might not get the intended impact if your gums are discolored.

How Long Until I See Results?

Your choice of treatment will determine how long it will take for you to see any result.

A dental facility often does in-chair whitening, also known as in-office whitening. A dentist performs it using bleach on teeth products concentrated more strongly than you’ll find it elsewhere. A brief, one- to two-hour visit can produce noticeable bleaching effects.

Mouth trays customized by your Summerville dentist to suit your mouth perfectly are included in at-home whitening kits. These trays are filled with bleaching chemical, which is kept in them for brief intervals each day. 

It may take two to three weeks to get the desired effects with reduced levels of the bleaching ingredient.

Other than in scarce instances where hydrogen peroxide is present, something that most don’t, teeth-whitening toothpaste extremely seldom works.

Can Whitening Hurt Your Teeth?

Despite the lack of concrete proof that tooth whitening harms enamel, it is recommended that you use precautions. 

Most retail and DIY teeth whitening Summerville, SC treatments include sizable doses of hydrogen peroxide, which, when misused, could hurt the delicate cells in your mouth. Always read the directions thoroughly and adhere to them when you use a bleaching product.

Negative Consequences Of Teeth Whitening

Most individuals pick teeth whitening as a commonly practiced method for improving their smile to look prettier. Although, there are certain negative consequences that you must be warned about before and after whitening teeth.

The sensation of the teeth is one of the adverse effects of it. In addition, your teeth can increase in sensitivity following whitening if they are already susceptible to cold or hot meals and beverages. 

Based on how sensitive your teeth were initially and how frequently you used the whitening treatments, this extreme susceptibility might only last a short while or stay indefinitely.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, teeth whitening in Summerville, SC, can be a secure and efficient approach to enhancing the look of your smile. Still, you must carefully consider the risks and consequences before choosing whether or not to get the procedure. 

There are several at-home and professional teeth whitening treatments and techniques available. Find out from your dentist which option is suitable for you and how frequently you should use it to achieve the best results.