Tongue Scraping Each Day Could Help Alleviate Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that breeds in the mouth, either on the tooth or the tongue. While brushing the teeth and the tongue can help keep the bacteria at bay, it sometimes falls short and you still suffer from bad breath.

Tongue scraping may be the magic that you need to get rid of bad breath. Below are some of the ways in which tongue scraping can help in doing away with the bad breath.

Ways In Which Tongue Scrapers Help In Eliminating Bad Breath

The main function of the tongue scraper is to remove the sulfur that sits on the tongue surface. The scraping is usually done after brushing your teeth. After placing a little toothpaste on the tongue, a scraper is gently dragged over the tongue. Thereafter, you can rinse your tongue using clean water.

The use of tongue scrapers may also likely boost your sense of taste. This is because your tongue will be clean enough and have the ability to separate bitter from sweet tastes.

Consequently, the process of tongue scraping will help in boosting your tongue appearance. Without tongue scraping, a white substance is likely to be seen on the tongue surface and daily scraping will help in removing it.

It also helps in removing the Mutans Streptococci and Lactobacilli bacteria which are known for causing bad breath and dental decay from the mouth. The removal of this bacteria aids in preventing tooth-related infections, thus not only improving your tongue’s appearance but also the overall sensation.

However, this does not mean that you can replace brushing with tongue scraping. Brushing helps clean the other areas of your mouth too, while tongue scraping only cleans the tongue. Ideally, the two techniques are used together for a fresh breath.

Bad breath is embarrassing for anyone, especially in public spaces. However, bad breath could be a pointer to an underlying problem. Visit our clinic for a checkup.