How Much Juice is Safe for Children to Drink Each Day?

Are you not sure how much juice to let your kids drink each day? There’s a lot of kids that prefers juice over anything else. Juice is not as good as you think it is for your kids. There is also a limit of how much juice you need to let your kid consume each day? We are going to talk about the why you need to limit the ounces of juice you let your kids consume each day and why letting them drink too much is bad for your child.

Limit The Juice You Let Your Kids Consume

For kids ages one to three years old should never drink more than four ounces of juice a day. Make sure to pour in a sippy cup to help prevent tooth decay. Kids from ages four to six no more than six ounces a day. Kids from ages seven to eighteen-year-old should not consume more than eight to twelve ounces a day. Any kids under one year of age should not have any juice until they’re at least a year old. Juice does not replace the benefits that they would get from the vegetables and fruits that they need to consume. If you’re going to give them juice, make sure it’s a hundred percent fruit juice and not a fruit drink. Still make sure that they don’t take in more than they are supposed to.

Unfortunately, some parents give in and give their child more juice than they should. Just remember that too much juice over time can cause tooth decay, we want to you help their teeth healthy for a long as we can. If you are not sure how much juice to give your child, please contact our office for more information.