Do White Teeth Help you Appear Younger?

A bright, charming smile represents anything but aging. Having white teeth is a symbol of being able-bodied, healthy, successful, employable, and attractive. Tooth discoloration usually happens over the years. Hence, it’s a de facto sign of aging. So while you’re brooding about stretch marks, wrinkles, and saggy skin, you might neglect another part of your body that significantly impacts your looks – your teeth.

Some experts believe that a glistening smile can knock off up to ten years from your appearance. In a specific study, respondents reported noticing a difference in age of up to 13 years between a picture of a woman with white teeth and the same picture with discolored teeth.

White teeth can act as a focal point that draws attention away from other signs of aging in your appearance. Here are some important ways sparkling white pearls can help you look and feel youthful.

Reasons Why White Teeth Can Make You Look And Feel Younger

White teeth symbolize a clean bill of health, which is closely associated with youthfulness. White teeth demonstrate that it isn’t yet time for specific age-related health problems to set in. Moreover, white teeth indicate that your mouth is free from dental ailments like bleeding gums, whitened tongue, black hairy tongue, tooth discoloration, and lots more.

By displaying high-quality health, white teeth also help to shore up our self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, it shows that we’ve gone to large lengths to maintain a commendable level of health.

As a result of these benefits, white teeth also make us look more attractive. In addition, people are generally more attracted to healthy, self-confident individuals.
The best part is that you can whiten your teeth with just a single appointment in our office. We use swift, non-invasive teeth whitening procedures to polish out a glistening sheen on your teeth. So if you’re looking for quick, easy ways to roll back the years, why not give us a call and book a tooth whitening restoration?