Can Dental Bridges Be Considered As A Cosmetic Treatment?

Missing teeth can alter how someone smiles. It not only takes a toll on their confidence but also makes them feel less confident about their appearance. Additionally, missing teeth can damage an individual’s right to pronounce some words while making it more challenging to chew food. 

Finally, as the remaining teeth strive to cover the space left by missing teeth, gaps between teeth can result in improper tooth alignment.

Since accidents are uninvited, how do you compensate for a lost tooth or teeth? 

The answer’s hidden in dental bridges. This dental treatment is a standard aesthetic dentistry tool primarily used to close teeth gaps. As their name suggests, these restorations use pontics, prosthetic teeth, to fill voids left by neighboring missing teeth. 

When set by a professional Summerville dentist, these prosthetic teeth give the patient’s missing teeth back their function while giving the look and feel of a complete set of teeth.

But are dental bridges part of a cosmetic treatment? As we explore the different aspects of the treatment process in this blog, let’s figure out. 

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a long-lasting device that bridges the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. It comprises several parts that are joined together to go into the space left by your missing tooth or teeth.

Partial dentures can be substituted with dental bridges of Summerville. A bridge can improve your ability to speak and chew and the appearance of your teeth.

Gold, alloys, or porcelain are a few materials used to create dental bridge parts. Porcelain is frequently used to replace front teeth because it may be adjusted to your tooth structure color.

How Many Different Types Of Dental Bridges Are There?

Overall, we have four different types of dental bridges. They are: 

  1. Traditional fixed bridge: This type of bridge is the most popular. It has a linked filler tooth or teeth, two crowns, and one or more crowns. The bridge is held in place by crowns. Metal fused to metal or ceramics is used to construct cosmetic bridges.
  2. Maryland dental bridge: If you are missing your front teeth, you could need this kind of bridge. Here, a framework supports porcelain bonded to metal or ceramic teeth. The bridge is attached to your natural teeth by wings on either side.
  3. Cantilever bridge: In this style of bridge, the pontic is attached to just one tooth serving as the abutment. This is occasionally an option for those with teeth solely on one side of the gap.
  4. Implant-supported bridge: This bridge resembles a “traditional fixed bridge,” but instead of being secured to teeth with cement, it is supported by implants.

How Are Dental Bridges Fixed?

The procedures for this cosmetic and restorative operation are the same as those typically needed for dental crowns

Before the entire treatment begins, a proper exercise on the model and general appearance is crucial. The dental bridge is then made to fit and work as smoothly as possible.

Dental bridges and crowns may be supported by dental implants, which can operate and look like natural teeth. This will simply provide you with a gorgeous smile and long-lasting teeth.

Advantages Of Dental Bridges

  1. An opportunity to restore self-esteem: Many people live their lives without any teeth. But this might affect a patient’s self-esteem, dental health, and general quality of life. 
  2. Adds to the overall confidence: Patients may, in particular, feel ashamed or conscience about their smiles. They could find it challenging to speak in public, consume specific meals, or smile for pictures.
  3. Negates your chances of a dental problem: If left untreated, missing teeth will result in dental problems. The patient’s remaining teeth will usually begin to move to fill the gap. 
  4. Corrects the positioning of crooked teeth: A patient’s smile and bite alignment may be affected by shifting teeth. In addition, uneven wear and tear, more significant strain on some teeth, and TMJ or teeth-grinding issues can all result from improper bite alignment.

Dental bridges can address such problems because they cover the gap caused by a missing tooth. Bridges of Summerville are made in dental laboratories using solid materials that can endure biting pressure. Additionally, they have been painted and fashioned to resemble teeth.

Are There Any Problems Or Issues With Dental Bridges?

If you take good care of your bridge, it should survive for many years without any issues. However, the bridge could fall apart if the adjacent teeth decay or the cement starts to break down. 

Any professional Summerville dentist can reattach the bridge with fresh cement if the underlying teeth are still sound and healthy and the bridge becomes loose.


So definitely, a dental bridge qualifies as a cosmetic procedure. Bridges are an example of a cosmetic dentistry service that is both technically restorative and aesthetically attractive. 

Dental bridges can fix your smile and prevent further problems if you lose teeth. Summerville Dentist will be pleased to suggest the course of treatment ideal for your circumstance.

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