Takeaway Before Transitioning From Dentures To Dental Implants

Most of us prefer to have our teeth for the rest of our lives if we have the option. After all, who won’t love to carry their natural smile for a lifetime?

However, that may not be the case always. Dentures have been a better choice whenever our teeth occasionally had other plans. Over the years, dentures have served their purpose but also received a poor reputation, and some of that reputation is deserved. 

Dentures used to be challenging to maintain; they appeared fake sometimes and didn’t remain in place. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and over 40 million people in the US use dentures. In addition, dental implants are now used to support dentures and regain the natural tooth feel.

Moreover, dentures themselves are now more attractive and realistic-looking than before.

Continue reading as we explore the impact of transitioning from dentures to dental implants, as explained by the top dentists in Summerville, SC. Let’s get started! 

Dental Implants

To replace a lost tooth (or a part or row of missing teeth), dental implants are a standard method that includes inserting a screw-like dental post into the jawbone. Although the tooth replacement may resemble ordinary dentures, they are put in place permanently for a more stable and long-lasting grip. 

Although dental implants are more extended than standard dentures, many patients prefer them because of their long-term advantages.

Replacing Dentures With Dental Implants

Dental implants follow a standardized practice. However, long-term dentures users in Summerville, SC,  may have noticed bone loss where their teeth were formerly present. If this happens, patients could need bone grafting treatment before placing their dental implants. 

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone after bone grafting, and the mouth heals. The procedure is then finished by permanently attaching the base and implant-supported dentures to the dental implant.

Bone Grafting

If you choose to move from dentures to dental implants, you should first know that you may require a bone graft. This is because your jawbone starts to recede in size when your teeth are extracted from your gums or jaw, and nothing is put in place. As a result, your look may change, but receiving dental implants can also take longer.

A successful implant treatment won’t be possible if there isn’t enough bone for the implant to be attached to. Discuss your condition with dentists in Summerville, SC, so they can determine whether bone grafting is necessary and let you know if it is. 

This means that new ones reinforce your old bones. Before getting a dental implant, you will need to wait four to six months for the new bone to fuse with the existing bone.

Dental Implants Have Several Advantages

Your dentures will not move. Implants do a considerably better job of keeping dentures stable when you eat, drink, and speak, whether you have a fixed implant denture or a snap-on kind.

It will seem to you that your teeth are natural. By joining your dentures to your jawbone, implants restore the typical pressure you feel when you chew. As a result, you won’t need to balance the lower denture any longer when speaking or eating.

Unlike dentures, which can become stuck in food, implants won’t. Gone are the rough patches and the painful gums. Instead, you can eat all the foods you like.

The maintenance and cleaning of dental implants are similar to that of natural teeth. There’s no need to struggle with the denture glue, yank your teeth out at night, or soak them in a glass of water. Dentures in Summerville, SC, are undoubtedly preferable to having no teeth, but dental implants are the next level. Then, you’ll experience having permanent teeth once more.


For many patients, dental implants would be an excellent alternative to dentures. Even if bone grafting is necessary, having the surgery can vastly improve your current standard of living. 

Ask all your questions and consult dentists in Summerville, SC, who have assisted people in switching between the two. You won’t believe how much your lifestyle will change once you get dental implants in place of your dentures. Remember that these implants help you fix your gum tissue and restore your smile. So you’re not confined to wearing them for the remainder of your natural life.