Things to Keep in Mind if You Have Impacted Teeth

Impaction of teeth can lead to dental problems, such as pain and crowding. In most cases, the wisdom teeth will become impacted or not erupt because of their location. When this happens, we suggest their removal. Doing so will help you maintain a healthier and more functional smile. The following information reveals why we believe that impacted wisdom teeth may be a concern.

What Can Happen If Teeth Are Impacted?

If your teeth cannot erupt or push up through the gum tissue, serious oral problems may result. For example, the bacteria and germs in the back of the mouth can trigger periodontal disease. Also, you may experience extreme discomfort and be plagued with dental decay. Gum recession can also become a problem. All these conditions can loosen the teeth, resulting in tooth and bone loss after a period of time.

A Cyst Can Develop If The Impacted Tooth Is Not Removed

If a sac surrounding an impacted tooth fills up with fluid, it may grow and develop into a cyst. When this occurs, the growth may damage the jaw by hollowing it out, thereby injuring the adjacent teeth. In some circumstances, an untreated mouth cyst can turn into a tumor – something that needs to be removed surgically. Even if your wisdom teeth are not giving you any trouble now, they eventually can cause issues to develop. Sometimes, the bacteria will increase your chances for developing an infection. If the infection is not treated promptly, you could end up getting very sick. For example, the bacteria that forms in the very back teeth can enter the bloodstream and cause patients to develop diabetes, kidney disease, or heart disease. We want to make sure you remain healthy and confident. That is why you need to contact our office if you need your impacted wisdom teeth removed. We can discuss the condition and set up a treatment plan for you.