The Benefits of Getting a Perioscopy

Treatment for advanced or aggressive gum disease has come a long way from the traditional approach of surgery. Perioscopy is a relatively new, minimally-invasive procedure that can safely and effectively treat stages and types of gum disease that have traditionally required more aggressive surgical methods involving more discomfort and recovery time.

The Perioscopy Procedure

We use miniaturized digital video, light, and magnification technology to assess and treat areas under your gum line without the inconvenience and discomfort involved in pulling back your gum tissue or the use of sutures. With a dental endoscope, or camera, we examine your tooth anatomy and any deposits at the gumline for the purpose of diagnosing and treating your periodontitis in the least aggressive way possible. You and your periodontist will view the video together, to discuss how treatment will proceed.

We will identify the areas where bacteria is present below the gum line and clean these areas with specialized probes known as micro ultrasonics. In the case of chronic or highly aggressive gum disease that affects multiple deep periodontal pockets or for patients with minor bone loss, perioscopy is now the safest, quickest, and most comfortable periodontal procedure available. Most patients report very little to no pain during perioscopy treatment, and our staff will take all factors into account when making sure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Early Detection Of Periodontitis

Before perioscopy, many dental and periodontal conditions went undetected because traditional methods weren’t equipped with advanced technology that allows for magnified examination of calculus and plaque buildup, rather than these factors being assessed by feel with traditional gum disease treatment.

Are you wondering if perioscopy is right for you? The best and fastest way to determine the most effective treatment for your periodontitis is to contact our office with any questions or concerns.