The Benefits of Gargling Regularly

When it comes to keeping your mouth clean throughout the day. An effective method is to gargle with substances that work well at killing bacteria that cause plaque build-ups such as mouthwash and salt water. Whatever your favorite choice of rinse is, here are the benefits of gargling regularly.

It Promotes A Cleaner Mouth Throughout The Day

Gargling washes away excess bacteria that builds up throughout the day. While this isn’t 100% necessary if you are brushing twice daily, rinsing your mouth is a great way to keep your oral health in check. Think of brushing as ™meals™ and gargling as a ™snack™ in between brushing sessions.

[[[2:It Can Eliminate Bad Breath]]]
If you are concerned about mouth odors, rinsing out your mouth can provide relief against halitosis- another way of saying bad breath. The undesirable odors come from built-up bacteria and as the above section mentions, rinsing out these bacteria throughout the day is beneficial, especially for those people who brush twice a day and want to keep that fresh, squeaky clean feeling all day long.

It Rinses Away Acidic Residue

Food and beverages have an acidic level measured in pH. Anything that is under 7 on the pH scale is acid and many beverages are falling well into this category. For example, soda can oftentimes fall under 3 pH! But ™healthy™ beverages can also have acidity to them such as seltzer water which falls between 3 and 4 pH. If you are like most people, you likely are consuming acidic food and beverages throughout the day, and gargling salt water or basic (above 7 pH) mouthwash can flush out this enamel-damaging residue your teeth. This is especially helpful for juice drinkers!

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