Simple Steps to Know How Invisalign Aligners Work

You may think that Invisalign aligners have been around for quite some time. However, your assumption is flawed because the industry is only twenty years old. 

Whatever we might think, dentists in Summerville, SC, have revolutionized dentistry. Invisalign treatments are nothing less than a miracle for people struggling with crooked teeth.

People choose Invisalign braces as their preferred option because they are almost invisible. They help you get perfect teeth without much trouble, as with braces. In addition, since you can easily remove them while you chew food, they are a more convenient option.

But do you know anything about the braces process? Don’t worry. This piece of information will share all details about the Invisalign stages.

Let us begin with how you prepare for this process:

  1. Consult Your Orthodontist 

Whether or not to get the Invisalign is not up to you. But, yes! Your dentist, specializing in Invisalign treatment, will tell you about it.

Thus, visiting your orthodontist is the first thing you should do. They will help you determine whether Invisalign treatment plans will suit you.

Once you get a go-ahead from your orthodontist, there is one more thing you can consider.

You can ask yourself whether you have the willingness to keep these trays in your mouth for 24 hours. That’s true! Though you can remove the Invisalign during your meals, make sure you have the zeal to keep them on for 22 hours.

  1. Getting the Treatment Plan 

Ask your orthodontist, ‘how do I get Invisalign?’ they will suggest a treatment plan after taking an X-ray of your mouth. Then, they will tell you how to get Invisalign after your teeth impression finally gets delivered to the Invisalign company.

The dentist in Summerville, SC, would also send along the instructions to help you get a curated pair of aligners. 

Your dentist would also tell the company the desirable movement of your teeth. Thus, with proper communication and all adjustments, your Invisalign trays begin to prepare.

  1. Waiting for the Aligners

Once you receive your aligners, your orthodontist will begin the Invisalign treatment process. However, you might have to spend about a few weeks or even months to receive your aligners. But once you receive them, it’s only a matter of time before you can start your Invisalign treatment process. 

  1. Wearing Your Aligners

The next stage in the Invisalign timeline is wearing your aligners. Your dentist for Invisalign treatment, Summerville, SC, will update you once your aligners reach their clinic.

Finally, you can wear your aligners. However, one should note that every patient has a different need. Thus, it is better to get your orthodontist’s advice to wear these aligners.

You cannot wear one aligner for more than two weeks. Once your Invisalign process timeline moves, you will witness your teeth falling in shape. After that, they start getting straight and fall in order.

  1. Refining To A Picture-perfect Smile

In the next stage, your dentist in Summerville, SC, will try to refine your smile. It will happen once you have put on your last set of aligners for about two weeks.

Though most teeth would have developed a better shape, there would still be some that would require extra refinery. Your treatment might extend if your dentist thinks you need a refinement tray.

Thus, the question ‘how long does it take to get Invisalign?’ might vary from person to person.

  1. Maintaining Your Smile

Once your treatment concludes, you can go home with a new and refined smile. However, there is one condition to maintaining this smile. Even though you stopped wearing aligners, you must put on retainers every night before sleeping.

Your dentist for an Invisalign treatment, Summerville, SC, will suggest you wear wired retainers to maintain the shape of your teeth. Immediately after your Invisalign procedure, you can put on the wired retainers. You can put on the retainers weekly for better and more efficient results.

Since teeth are moving and never in one place, it would maintain the results of the treatment on which you just spent. 

Wrapping It Up! 

Invisalign is your go-to option for getting the smile of your dreams. However, sitting through this process requires time and patience. Thus, a person should consider getting this treatment from a dentist in Summerville, SC, only when they are ready to stay consistent. Your dentist can do wonders to your smile with this life-changing 6-step treatment. All the best!