Can I’ve The Same Day Dental implant and Tooth Pulled?

Many people tend to ask this question when they visit their dentists in Summerville SC, and it is easy to understand why people want tooth extraction and  dental implant on the same day. 

However, there are different answers to this question. The short answer, in this case, is that it is possible, and the long answer is that implants can only be placed sometimes during the extraction time.

This process is immediate implant placement. Still, it is only necessary when the condition of your teeth is at an appropriate level. otherwise, you will have to wait about 6-10 weeks after removal for better outcomes and healing.


Can I have a dental implant and have a tooth pulled on the same day

Why Do You Need Extraction Before Dental Implants?

A complete set of teeth is essential for good dental hygiene, allowing you to speak, eat and smile without the hassle. It is why dentists recommend saving natural teeth by all means. But when a tooth no longer exists, the best option, in this case, is to extract it and undergo a dental implant replacement.

Following are the best possible reasons for getting extraction before dental implants:

  • Injuries: if your teeth have irreparable damages caused by accidents or injuries.
  • Severe Cavities: Large cavities may destroy the tooth structure. It does not leave enough enamel to support the dental crown or filling.
  • Severe Fractures: Large fractures that run vertically usually make the tooth unsalvageable. 

When is It Ideal To Get Immediate Implant Placement By dentists in Summerville, SC?

  • Ideal tooth condition

If the bone and sockets do not have any infection, you can get an immediate implant if you have just extracted your front tooth. The tooth’s condition and the surrounding bone are essential when considering the timing of the implant placement.

Your specialist in dental implants in SC will do a thorough consultation to see whether you are a suitable candidate for immediate placement or if you need a temporary solution till the healing is complete.

  • Expertise

Combining the steps will save time. However, it makes the process challenging for the dentist. Hence, only the experience dental expert or implant expert should do this treatment. You should consult with the dentist and ask whether they have performed the immediate placement before and about their success rate.

Can I Get an Immediate Implant If I Replaced Many Teeth?

If several teeth from the jawline fall, you may opt for the in-a-day process, which refers to more than four implants supporting all teeth.

Patients will get four or more implants, and the experts will issue a fuller set of lower and upper jaw replacement teeth within the same day. With this, you will leave the dental office with non-removable, fixed replacement teeth following the morning process.

This process is the immediate loading and standard treatment for dental care experts.

Benefits Of Immediate Dental Implant

If you go to your dentists in Summerville, SC, to find out whether you will lose a tooth, it can be a hectic thought, especially if it is your front teeth. The dentist will provide you with several options, like a flipper, denture, bridge, partial denture, or Essix. 

Once done, you will have to wait about four months before placing the permanent bridge or dental implant. And then, you will have to wait another four months after the implant placement before getting a permanent implant crown on the implant.

During this period, you will wear the removable partial denture, or a temporary bridge, or you will have a missing tooth. So, the tooth will be removed if you get IV sedation or oral.

After removing the tooth, the experts will carefully insert an immediate dental implant into the extraction site and restore it through a temporary crown.

The advantages of immediate dental implants are:

  • One dental surgery
  • No stitches.
  • No need to crown teeth for the bridge.
  • Fixed tooth replacement which looks good or better than the extracted tooth.
  • No stitches.
  • No removable partial dentures.
  • No missing teeth.
  • Less painful process.

Because your dentists in Summerville, SC, will do the dental implant and extraction on the same day, fewer surgical steps are necessary, allowing for a faster procedure. A patient will immediately benefit from the new smile without dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment of having gaps.

The Process

The process involves removing the teeth from the socket, cleaning the gum tissue and tooth pieces, and preparing for the dental implant; because the socket looks the exact size of the natural tooth, the experts should position and size the dental implant.

The healing cap will allow the tissue to heal around the wound, so you will get the metal screw exposed for several months. However, it will prevent the tissue from closing. If the tissue closes, you may have to opt for another surgery.


Getting implants is a multi-step procedure that takes time, but you can opt for the immediate dental implant to get your teeth back. If you need immediate dental implants in SC, choose the best dentist to help you with the same-day procedure.