Lasers Can Help Us Improve Your Gum Health

You can improve the health of your gums without going through a lot of pain and suffering. That is because we use lasers to improve gum health and ensure healing. The following information will detail how lasers are used and how relying on this type of light source can lead to a better and healthier smile.

How Lasers Are Used To Treat Gum Disease

While the traditional treatment for gum disease involves SRP, or scaling and root treatment. We use lasers to treat gum tissue and bones. When a laser is used, it preserves the tissues and regenerates the bone. This can be done because we use the light to reach an infected pocket and kill the bacteria and infection in the tissue. We have a staff that is well-versed in laser therapy. That way, we can use the latest technology to improve the health of gums and teeth.

Can Lasers Potentially Harm The Gum?

If lasers are used properly, they will not damage the gums. Lasers feature different wavelengths and levels of power. Therefore, we have the training needed to ensure that the correct wavelength and power are used, depending on the procedure. We combine the use of lasers with surgery so you receive optimum care and your gums and teeth are exposed to less risks. For example, we may advise a patient receive gum graft surgery to take care of recession or exposed roots. Ridge augmentation is also suggested to take care of indentations in the jawbone and gums resulting from tooth loss. Get in touch with our office if you feel you could benefit from periodontal laser care. Call us any time to schedule an appointment for an exam and professional cleaning. We can explain how the laser we will use or elaborate on the other procedures we provide for gum and tooth care.