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Smoking: A Real Drag on Your Oral Health

Summerville SC Family DentistWhen it comes to habits, few are as devastating as smoking and tobacco use. Tobacco use poses threats to a person’s health and well-being, with many of the effects being permanent and life-threatening. Tobacco is a highly addictive drug, and because it is so difficult to break the habit, the destruction it causes is not limited to just one area of the body. It is important to fully understand the significant health concerns related to smoking and using tobacco before you light up. (more…)

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Does Chewing Gum Really Prevent Cavities?

Summerville SC Dentist OfficeAs Americans, we all tend to want an “easy fix.” Fad diets promise quick results in weight loss, “the patch” promises a fast way to break the habit of smoking, and get-rich-quick schemes abound on the Internet. However, most of these easy fixes are anything but easy – and they are also anything but successful. But, what if there was an easy and proven way to prevent cavities? Chewing gum to prevent cavities may sound unrealistic, yet understanding the mouth reveals just how beneficial this simple habit can be. (more…)

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

logoThe third molars, commonly referred to as the “wisdom teeth,” are the last posterior teeth to mature inside the mouth. They are called “wisdom” teeth because they tend to erupt during the later teenage or early adult years when people are said to be gaining wisdom from life experience. While the majority of people do grow 32 permanent teeth, the mouth is typically not large enough to accommodate the last four teeth. This lack of space is responsible for causing huge issues within the mouth, making wisdom teeth removal a necessary procedure that most people must have done.

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Root Canals

Summerville SC General DentistThe care and protection of your teeth are essential. Everyone, everywhere only gets one set of permanent teeth that are meant to last a lifetime. While the outer shell of the teeth is made up of the hardest substance in the human body, enamel, they are not invulnerable to damage or decay. Cavities, decay, trauma, and infection can all cause serious oral health problems. The teeth are unlike most parts of the human body in that they do not heal themselves. They require the intervention of a dentist for appropriate treatment. One of the most common types of treatment for a damaged tooth is a root canal procedure. (more…)

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Signs You May Have A Cracked Tooth

Summerville SC Emergency DentistA cracked tooth is a serious dental concern that leaves the entire mouth vulnerable to decay, infection, and even tooth loss. Yet, with as serious as this concern is to your oral health, many people overlook or ignore the signs that they may have a cracked tooth. It is not uncommon for dental patients to go in for a routine cleaning and exam to learn that they have a cracked tooth. Many times, this issue is easy to resolve; yet, as with just about anything, early intervention allows necessary treatment to be implemented before the situation worsens. Therefore, knowing the signs of a cracked tooth is important to ensure that you seek your dentist’s attention before the issue requires emergency dental care. (more…)

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Dealing With Bad Breath

Summerville SC General Dentist

Everyone deals with bad breath occasionally, yet there are some who are constantly plagued by this unfortunate condition. Bad breath is a troubling situation that can inhibit social and professional relationships, and if it is a lingering condition it is one that needs to be addressed by your dentist. Your dentist is your best advocate for all concerns regarding your mouth, and is the first person you should speak to regarding your bad breath.

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What is Plaque?

chris-oliver-ddsPlaque buildup occurs every single day in the body, causing damaging issues and prohibiting certain necessary functions. Plaque that builds up in the arteries prevents sufficient blood flow to and from the heart, which is a leading cause of heart disease. Plaque that builds up inside the mouth leaves your entire oral health vulnerable to infection, decay, disease, tooth loss, and can lead to significant issues with diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease. Dental plaque should never be ignored.

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How To Handle a Dental Emergency

chris-oliver-ddsA dental emergency is just like any other emergency in that it never occurs at a convenient time. No matter your age, dental emergencies are most often painful, stressful, and scary. Knowing how to handle a dental emergency, should one arise, is the best method of making the right decisions at the correct time.

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Caring For Your Toothbrush

Cane Bay employeesYou put your toothbrush inside your mouth with the intention of it helping to clean your teeth. However, if you are not properly caring for your toothbrush, then you are simply putting a dirty tool inside your mouth and expecting it to do something that it cannot. By following the tips listed below, you can help keep your toothbrush as clean as possible and replace it when needed.

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Your Diet and Your Teeth

chris-oliver-ddsWhen it comes to dieting, most people tend to associate their eating habits with their waistlines and the numbers on the scale. However, your dentist wants you to know that there is a direct relationship between the foods and beverages that you consume and the health of your teeth. Paying attention to your food choices, and their ingredients, will benefit the health of your teeth and your entire mouth.

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