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Six Month Smiles® Cosmetic Braces

Straighten Teeth at Any Age

Has the thought of two or more years stuck in metal braces kept you from getting the smile of your dreams? With Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces, you don’t have to! The typical cosmetic dental treatment time is only 6–9 months, so you can have a straighter smile before your next cleaning.

Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces Summerville SC - Cane Bay Family Dentistry

The Cost of Clear Braces

Thanks to Six Month Smiles, the days of uncomfortable and unsightly metal mouth are gone. Six Month Smiles adult braces use thin, high-tech wires and subtle clear or tooth-colored brackets to move your teeth into their perfect positions gently yet quickly. The braces use low force to move teeth fast (as few as 6–9 months) without causing you the discomfort that is usually associated with braces. Six Month Smiles treatment focuses on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, rather than your bite position, so you’re sure to have a stunning new smile when your treatment is done. The wires are tooth-colored and the brackets clear, so no one even needs to know you’re wearing braces. They’ll just notice your beautifully straight smile.

Shortened treatment time means you won't have to spend years getting straighter teeth, and paying for them. Plus, we're offering $750 off Six Month Smiles treatment for a limited time!

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The Benefit of Accelerated Braces

Six Month Smiles allows for faster adjustment appointments and, typically, the adult braces cost less than conventional metal braces. The shorter treatment time and fewer adjustment appointments at our Summerville, SC office mean that Six Month Smiles is also commonly a more affordable orthodontics solutions. If you’ve been considering braces, Summerville, SC dentist Dr. Oliver is happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation.

What Makes Six Month Smiles So Revolutionary?

  • The low-force process is safe, fast, and effective.
  • The subtle brackets and thin wires are barely noticeable.
  • Fewer adjustments require fewer office visits, saving you time and money.
  • Six Month Smiles usually costs less than traditional braces.

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