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Cosmetic bonding is a quick and simple cosmetic dental treatment, which Dr. Oliver will carry out in a single visit. The procedure is ideal for repairing damaged teeth, hiding gaps and restoring the original color to your teeth. Bonding is achieved by applying a resin that matches the color of the tooth to the damaged or discolored area. A specially adapted UV light is then used to bond the resin to the area, so that the tooth is restored to its origin shape or color. Cosmetic bonding is usually painless and anesthetic is not required unless the procedure is being used as a filling for cavities.

As well as repairing damaged teeth, cosmetic bonding is also used to fill gaps where the gums have receded. This will ensure that the root is not exposed to bacteria and will help prevent gum disease. Although bonding can be used to change the shape of your teeth, Dr. Oliver will shape the resin to match the original tooth under normal circumstance. There is less need to remove enamel than with other cosmetic treatments, too. As an alternative to other more intrusive cosmetic treatments, bonding is often the best choice for patrons who only require minor dental repairs and aesthetic dental work.

Cosmetic Bonding Specialist

Dr. Oliver is a cosmetic bonding specialist. For a more confident smile that looks great, cosmetic bonding can be a perfect option. Patients are often surprised at the number of cosmetic improvements that can be made just with bonding. If you would like to have a brighter, straighter smile, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Oliver to find out if cosmetic bonding is a viable option for you. We can cater to the entire family, so make sure to bring the kids along, too.

Call our office today at (843) 376-4157 to schedule a consultation to see if cosmetic bonding is right for you.

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Robbie C.

I really liked how everyone made my visit so comfortable. They were very informative and friendly. I felt like a friend not just a patient. I highly recommend Cane Bay Family Dentistry.

Marcia J.

The atmosphere, attention, care, and professionalism of the staff is like no other experience. They've taken care of my 4 year old granddaughter who actually loves going to the dentist mainly because of the kid-friendly atmosphere and attention she receives at Cane Bay Dentistry. One word to express Cane Bay Dentistry: Phenomenal!!!!

Treva R.

Very professional’s always a great experience for my family....the staff is very polite and friendly! We made an excellent decision when we chose Cane Bay Family Dentist.
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