Same Day Dental Crowns

Summerville SC Restorative DentistsA porcelain crown is a restorative dental treatment is used to recreate or strengthen a damaged tooth. A porcelain cap is created from a computerized scan of the damaged tooth, the crown is fabricated, and it is then cemented into place. Dental crowns restore the shape, strength, and appearance of a tooth that has been cracked, fractured, or has suffered infection.

Traditional dental crowns have always required time for preparation and the creation of the crown. Putty molds were used to take impressions of the teeth and were then used to construct and create the crown. Cane Bay Family Dentistry is proud to offer same day dental crowns to our patients the in Summerville, South Carolina area. We use the revolutionary Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system for same day dental restorations. The innovative system enables our dentist to produce lab-quality crowns and other dental restorations in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks.

Planmeca FIT® One Visit Dental Crowns

Summerville SC Dental Crowns in One DayCane Bay Family Dentistry is pleased to provide our patients dental crowns that can be made and placed in one visit. The Planmeca FIT first takes a digital image of the teeth using blue laser technology, which allows it to capture the finest details with an unmatched level of speed and precision. The digital impression is then transferred to the PlanCAD® software and a custom designed crown is then fabricated from the exact dimensions of the tooth. Once the design is complete, the dental crown will be created in-office with micron-precise accuracy using the Planmeca PlanMill 40®. The crown is then carefully secured into place for a natural look and feel, and patients can leave our office smiling that same day.

Dental technology has had much advancement over the last decade, and the Planmeca FIT® system is relatively new technology that is changing the way that dental practices design and create crowns. For the highest quality one visit dental crowns here in Summerville, SC, please contact Cane Bay Family Dental. Our advanced, restorative dental treatments can help you achieve a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile in just one visit.

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