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Dental Implants

Most modern dental implants are made from titanium/titanium alloy, which is the best suited material for affixing to the bones in the mouth. The dental implant replaces the root of the tooth, so that Dr. Oliver can fit a replacement false tooth. This is achieved by either screwing the tooth to the implant or tapping it into position until the tooth connects with the bone. Eventually, the replacement tooth becomes strong enough that other fittings, such as bridges, dentures and crowns are also supported.

Dental Implants Summerville SC

Implant dentistry is the ideal restorative dentistry treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. As the implant replicates the natural root and strongly bonds with the bone, replacement teeth are durable and long lasting. Although health problems are not likely to prevent the fitting of dental implants, smoking and drinking alcohol can affect your suitability for the procedure. Dr. Oliver will assess your viability for implant dentistry, ensuring that it is the best option for you.

Replace Missing Teeth with Implant Dentistry

When missing teeth are replaced through implant dentistry, there are a number of significant benefits. After time, the implanted teeth will reinforce the structure of the bone, strengthening it and improving overall oral health. Rumor has it that people who suffer from Bruxism – clenching and grinding of the teeth – are not suitable candidates for implant dentistry. This is not necessarily true. In combination with other, restorative dentistry procedures, you can still have healthy teeth through implant dentistry.

So long as you look after your oral health at home and attend with Dr. Oliver for regular checkups, your implants may never need replaced. Just like your regular teeth, however, your implants will require occasional maintenance. Replacement teeth can also be fitted alongside your natural teeth, filling gaps in your teeth to improve your smile. With Dr. Oliver's expert care, your implants will last a lifetime and ensure that missing teeth do not adversely affect your oral health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at Cane Bay Family Dentistry.

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