How to Protect Your Child’s Smile During Sports

Summerville SC DentistSports are a popular recreational activity for millions of youth across the United States. While sports are a great way for youth to learn hand-eye coordination, team work and cooperation, as well as work ethic, there are still risks involved for participants. When parents are making all of the necessary purchases for equipment, uniforms, shoes, and sporting goods, it is extremely important to remember that athletic mouth guards are a vital piece of equipment. While head and neck injuries are scary and can be dangerous, mouth injuries can also be scary, expensive, and leave lasting damage. For families who regard sporting and recreational activities as an important part of childhood and adolescence, parents need to remember that safety should always come first – and not to overlook the mouth.

Protecting your child’s mouth is truly not that difficult when it is made a priority. Studies show that approximately 1.5 million children experience a mouth related injury due to sports participation. In order to avoid your child being a part of that statistic, specific equipment is designed to protect the teeth and the entire mouth. Prevention is a vital step for ensuring that your child enjoys sports, and stays safe, for years to come.

Children involved in any type of contact sport – whether the contact be with another player or a flying object – should we a protective mouth guard. If the contact is extremely physical and intense, such as in football, a helmet with a face guard should also be worn. Mouth injuries can occur from blunt force contact with anything. The jaw can be broken, teeth can become loose or knocked out, the tongue can be bitten off, and other serious injuries are all too common among young participants in sporting activities. When spending money on the required equipment for any sport, remember that the cost of a mouth guard and/or helmet is much less expensive than correcting oral trauma.

At Cane Bay Family Dentistry, we are more than happy to help you and your child find the perfect protective solution for his or her smile. We proudly offer custom athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth while participating in whatever sport you love.

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