Diabetes and Your Mouth Health

Summerville SC DentistDid you know that people who have been diagnosed and are being treated for diabetes have more problems with their teeth, mouth, and gums? It is estimated that more than 23 million Americans are under a doctor’s care for diabetes with another 7 million unaware they already have it. If you have diabetes, it is critical that you take great care of your mouth. Cane Bay Family Dentistry can help you develop a custom oral care plan to protect your overall health.

Diabetes affects a person’s ability to properly process sugar. The excess sugar impairs the immune system and causes people with diabetes to be more susceptible to oral infections such as gingivitis or periodontitis, a serious gum disease that can cause tooth loss. Gum disease that is severe is likely to spike blood sugar, a dangerous condition for diabetics that increases the risk for a host of complications that are associated with diabetes. Gum disease also causes inflammation throughout the body. Other mouth problems linked to gum disease are dry mouth, bad breath, bleeding, swollen glands, and fungal infections. Diabetes manifests in the mouth in a number of other ways too. Cavities, burning mouth, taste irregularities, and thrush are commonly reported.

For people with severe oral problems associated with diabetes, dental treatments can include antibiotics, adjustment of insulin (if recommended by your primary doctor), or medication. Communication is key and we work to evaluate your whole health before treatment.

Even with diabetes, you can have excellent oral health. Research proves that improving oral health also makes blood glucose easier to manage. That’s a win-win! Key components of a healthy oral hygiene routine include twice daily brushing and flossing, use of fluoride to keep decay at bay, implementing a low sugar, balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and having teeth professionally cleaned every six months.

Cane Bay Family Dentistry is committed to your oral health and we will cater to your specific needs as a diabetic. Call us today to discuss your care. We look forward to partnering with you.

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